Dec 21, 2016

Flu season

I am back from long hiatus everyone.
Miss me? No? Fine. Fine.

I am totally down with flu!

Nuh too. He got flu, cough and fever! :( What a hectic weekend we have been through. 

Right now, am blogging and wiping snot in the same time. Srett srett!! Mannnn ... already being Mr 'T' regular customer.

Well, i am suffering just a bit of sore throat.
No fever. 36.5 Celcius.
No headache.

But still, i am at work rite now.
Nuh is in good hands. Grateful to have her as my babysitter. Thank You Allah for bestow us with such a loving babysitter to our children.
Please Nuh, get well soon my dear.
It breaks my heart to see you like this. :(

Oh yea, Nuh is officially 1y 2m today.
May Allah bless us with good health. Amin.

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