Nov 21, 2017

Our first holiday in a hotel with kiddos - PART 2

S.W.I.M.M.I.N.G P.O.O.L is really the most magic word ever to the kids. Dah macam bff depa kalau pergi mana-mana hotel. Kaannnn?

Anyway fyi, once we lift Wafa & Nuh to the hotel room from the parking lot, they both awake. *sigh* like 20 minutes only you guys tidur??? Haihh. Ok, after we had our delicious lunch - asam pedas ikan & ayam bakar, we headed to the pool. Ok Wafa, your pool is ready to serve you.

OK kidssss ...presenting you ...

THE POOL! Mehehehehe.

Haaa...i told you meh. Its like a PARTY!! Wehooo!! Ape lagi, rendammmm!!! Anak seronok, mak pak lagi seronok.

dah penat eh? Jom balik bilik.

sebelum berangkat pulang, mintak nugget dulu.

So, for those yang ada plan nak datang sini this becoming school holiday, here are some teaser for you. Well, pepagi esoknya kami terjun kolam lagi. Wee! 

Not sure whether to continue Part 3 or not. Tehehehe ...

Nov 14, 2017

Our first holiday in a hotel with kiddos - PART 1

The story that i owed you.

Well, bring 2 kids 2yo & 3yo can be said as slightly tired. But it was soooo interesting to have them all by ourselves. Even, there were dramas, tantrums, yes semua tu biasa. Yang beza cuma seni cerita setiap orang adalah berlainan. We often see families on holiday with more than 2 babies and no helpers no maids no families and they are all still laughing. Yes, we can do this! At some point,  we can actually manage how many children we have. It's called NORMAL. Ngeeee ..truth is, we have not yet reached that point.

We spent the night in Bayou Lagoon Park Resort Melaka during last Deepavali holiday week. Have you guys ever been there? First time here! Yeyyy..! We arrived too early before we could check in the hotel, so we visited Zoo Melaka to waste the time. Hahaha. Ticket for adult RM17.80 x 2 =RM35.60. And ... WE FORGOT TO BRING A STROLLER! You guys can imagine kan...macam mana berjalan dalam Zoo sambil dukung baby??! uwaaa ... It's a BIG zoo, and there's time Nuh does not want to walk by himself because he's freak out of the animal sounds. Some of them.

50 more steps to the zoo exit, i just feel like to lay down in the middle of it. Maannn, WHERE THE HELL IS THE EXIT?? Moral: bring stroller, bring snacks and more and more water if you plan to walk in the zoo (your children will get hungry and thirsty while exploring the zoo) unless you prefer to take a tram. Anyway, Nuh trying to snatch an ice-cream from one of the boys there *ibu geleng kapla*

Ahhhh so relieved to be able to get out of the zoo. Time for checking in!

The tv and its shelf as the divider between beds and sofas

clearer view 
Wafa menangis. Kena marah ..tak ingat sebab apa -____-

'i dah sampai hotel ni. You all kat mana?? jam berapa meeting start?'

That's called tv remote, son.

Settled check in. Thank you Allah, the kids are very well-behaved. 

Time for lunch! And suddenly Wafa buat perangai. She saw a pool already! Nak terjun lah tu. Oh yeaa i just remember why Wafa cried as seen in picture above. Pool is important than lunch. No no..lunch dulu then pool. As we are on the way to find our lunch port, both kiddos were asleep. Aahhh ...then tak bolehlah nak makan kat kedai. Tapau. Let them enjoy their sleep to avoid any raging.

As promised, pool time!! be continued... :)

Oct 26, 2017

10 years of marriage!

We are officially 10 years old of our life being husband and wife on last 20 October 2017. One decade guys, one decade! Pheww, we made it. *raise eyebrows*

We were at Melaka a day before. To celebrate i think? But with the kids. Huhu. We never expected that this vacation will fall on school holidays. When we get the tickets, we think it will be absolute privacy as it fell on Wednesday. Mid-week! Never check the calendar. Turns out it's like a party guysss. Especially at the pool. POOL PARTY. Sounds cool huh? But pool where? Oh oh i will tell you the whole story about our vacation and the celebration and the pool on next post ya. Kebetulan, a day after our anniversary is Nuh's birthday. That boy turns 2 years. Double celebration bebeh! Yihaaa! 

Anyway, i can't believe it's already been 10 years! (clicheyyyyy) What a fairly longggg journey even to have a child. Alhamdulillah, we got TWO lovely kids now! Will add some more soon. Tehehe. 

Ehh no no no still not pregnant now. Doakan ya.

Oh yesss, more decades will come for us. InsyaAllah.


Oct 17, 2017

jjcm: little rara thai noodle house, jalan TAR

Recently, our BIG boss has taken us to enjoy our dinner at this cute noodle house. 

Although it's a small place, just like the way they named it 'little', but the food is quiet interesting. 
romantik kan?

pulut mangga & daging bakar. marvelessss!!

nasi ayam pad kra praw (hasil google how to spell)

tomyam talay noodle and they called it 'the most gangster dish'. Hello KL gangsters, brave enough to taste?

oh..oh there is 1 classic menu yang kami order. Yess, it was a deep fried fish and kangkung served with thai nampla chilli dipping sauce. Nyummmiehhhh...
taraaa! so classic meh?
*pic from google*

Classic dish can never be change , Pha Thu Tod (makarel fish deep fried) with stir fried morning glory served with thai nampla chili dipping sauce. New menu start tommorow at Outlet Kiapeng and Outlet Chow kit . See you tommorow .

 taste yourself!

Oct 12, 2017

Diapers-free & potty training at 3

Too late yeah? From the moment she was a baby, i decided to potty train Wafa at 2.5 years but hmmm ... hmmm...erghh. Lari plan. Bahahaha. For me, better train our kids as early as they can talk and listen to the instructions. Anyway, Wafa has grown up to be a very wonderful kid. She talks, listens and understands before age of 2. And i didn't use that opportunity to train her earlier.

Well now, she is on her own. Not so hard to train her when she good at doing anything by herself. Only when she diapers-free for the first time, warghhh so penat cleaning her pee everywhere. Every second. OK tipu. Every few minutes. Haha. C'mon, face the reality of life!

No more pee on the floor now. On the carpet. On the foot mat  -___- 

I do too bought the potty seat like you mommies. Mine with fish and sotong image on it. Colorful fish. Cute sotong. So every time she done her pee or poo, i will let her flush and she will count the images on the potty seat happily. Ohh urmm?? I indirectly she would enjoy use the potty seat and encourage her to go to the toilet more often.
Ade kaitan tak? Haha.

Now she only wears diaper at night when she sleeps, when we are going out and for emergency situation (mannnnn....she is going to be 4 next year. Dah nak sekolah dahh). Oh is it my bad? Its good that she didn't want to put on diaper at home when she with me and her abah. But she enjoys wear it at babysitter's. 

And..and...and...I have not trained her for free diapers during sleep yet!! 


Aug 30, 2017

Our first live event together

Before its too late, wish you all happy Independence day that will be celebrated tomorrow! Hip Hip Horreyy!

In conjunction with the ongoing Sea Games and today is the closing ceremony, me and husb bravely took our kids to the stadium recently to witness with our own eyes for the 100m event men and women. 

Moments of Victory
Tahniah Hafiz!
Crowned as the king of the sprint in KL Sea Games 2017. 

This was Wafa's and Nuh's first ever experience at the stadium. At first, they were very behave. Ibu pun tenang dan sukaaa :) They being quiet and looking around curiously. Trying to adapt the situation around the stadium somehow. 

Pheww, until the end of the event they are very calm and together give their support. Naahhh, just a slightly uncomfortable moments when they are hungry or need their susu. And the situation is under control again. They applaud especially Nuh. This little one do not know anything but give the most lively applause. As the last event ends, they started being anxious, getting restless and difficult to handle anymore. Jom balik.

This always happens when you bring your children  to the stadium. Or just me??
Acara panjat tangga campuran 50m.
The one in peach got gold. That little boy of course silver.
Ibu bangga.
We made it guys..!!

It was an awesome family quality time together!

Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Adha to all Muslim around the world.

Jul 7, 2017

Abu, Abu

Hi all,
SALAM SYAWAL everyone!
How was your Raya? 
Hopefully having the best one you've ever experienced.

Okay, referring to the subject above ...hehe. 

Nuh said ibu for the first time in his life! And i heard him for the first time in my life!
Ahhhh ... floating away. Soooo beautiful to hear. 

Ok well, not totally IBU. But more to 'abu'   -____- 

Whatevaaaaa la Nuh. I know you have worked hard on it. 
Practice makes perfect, son. Go Nuh.

Anyway, it happened on this recent Raya holiday. I was praying when Nuh said 'abu..abu' while patting my shoulder. I am on my Tahiyat Awal and losing my focus! Bahahaha. Mannn..i am praying son. Don't disturb me. Continue solat till the end. No doa after solat dan terus peluk Nuh. Rasa nak menangis. Terharu. And i thank Allah for this. For making me a mother. For creating that such sweet moment.

That day was a beautiful day. 


Jun 20, 2017

Nuh's first haircut


First thing that appears in my mind - Nuh will cry and scream once the hairdresser touch his hair! 

But uhhh?! Such a very good boy i tell you. So calm. So senyap. Senyap sebab takot bunyi mesin potong rambut tu. Bahahaha. But who cares! As long he sits properly and silently. Senang kerja ibu, nak. Ibu bangga sama kamu. Haha. Tak percaya?

See??? Behave bukan?
Good job, son!

I am so so so relieved that Nuh simplifies the hairdresser's work. No crying. No head shaking. No screaminggggg. Actually, the moment we walk in, I told my hubby to turn on upin ipin or pororo or any cartoon to neglect him. But wallah! Turns out that he did not need any of that!
Watery eyes moment. Ngeeee!
Aku panic time ni, dah macam nak meraung. Bergenang air mata.
But Alhamdulillah..he made it again. Phew!

Zzzzzzz moment. Bahahahaha.
Manyakk syiokk kene usik kepala, sampai tertido. 

sebelum & selepas.
Spot any different? Hehe.

Jun 14, 2017

Iftar beramai-ramai

In previous post, aku ada mention nak celebrate birthday cik abe kan. Plan tak jadi plok. Maaf ye cik abe. Kita hanya merancang. heee. We celebrate later, okay?

Reason: LUPA NAK BELI KEK. Bahahaha.

So, last Sunday we had this event - Iftar secara besar-besaran for Haji Noh's clan at my parents' house. We did some doa selamat and solat Traweh berjemaah also. 

Alhamdulillah. It has run smoothly and lively. And we enjoyed eating, chatting, laughing as well. Dah macam raya! Yes, i will not miss those happy moments in my life. Selagi ada peluang untuk berjumpa dengan saudara mara, jumpalah. They are our families. They are among the first person we met in our life.  

Tu diaaa...(sebelum)
Konsepnya potluck. So, macam-macamlah lauk yang dapat dilihat.

seranggggggg!! (selepas)

seranggggggg!! ...lot of kuih muih.

Those yang datang dari KL and Kuantan, terus balik malam tu juga. Alhamdulillah, they have safely arrived to their destination. And thank you for coming to enliven this annual event. Much appreciated on behalf of the host ---> mom & dad.

Till next event, guys!

Jun 9, 2017

His 38th birthday

Oh my, someone's turning 38 tomorowwwwww ...
So old la you abang. Hahaha.
Happy Birthday, abang!

Well, its hard to eat even a piece of cake in Ramadhan.
So, we have to postpone the celebration yea? How about this Sunday?
Yeay i am going back to kampung today. Hopefully sempat to break our fast at kampung or else kita beli dunkin' donut on the way back. Ok abang?

Anyway, why wait till Sunday to celebrate?
Ahaaa kami ada iftar beramai-ramai on Sunday. Can't wait!

Doakan perjalanan pulang kami ke kampung baik-baik sahaja ya.

Jun 2, 2017

Weekend getaway - Janda Baik

It is soooo nice to spent some quality time with family - far far far away from the busy KL. Janda Baik (Pahang) is one of the wanted place i wanna go. Haha. Nama je orang Pahang tapi Janda Baik pun belum pernah jejak. Well well well, turns out that it is an interesting and appealing yet attractive place to spend time with your family (for those who love the super cool river of course). Yang berniat untuk membawa diri di sini pun sesuai. Ok kidding. 
So a week before Puasa, we had this Family Gathering of Haji Noh's. Yes, Noh is my late grandfather's name from my mother's side. And Nuh is named after him. May you are in peace, atuk. All my uncles, unties and cousins were gather here in Janda Baik. 

Fast forward, here are some pictures.

hai..menung apa tu?

uppps sorry. tak bermaksud nak expose. hehehe.
Dah insert pic, baru perasan. Malas dah nak crop. Anyway, this is my latest edition. Phone lama dah corrupt. Innalillah. 
This one mehh...berrryyy gooood. Gunalah vivo.

May 31, 2017

Nuh's first word

kene marah

Nuh can say a very few words now and his earliest words were NAK and ABAH. Why ABAH?? Nooooooo .. Why not IBU? -___- 

Tapi memang the word IBU itself susah nak sebut. Compared to MAMA or MAK. I realize that each word yang ada huruf A, senang disebut. Betul tak? No? Sebab kadang-kadang aku dengar Nuh sebut KAKAK refer to Wafa. Well, walaupun bukan 100% heard as K.A.K.A.K, but it sounds like that. Yerp maybe Nuh sebut 'tatak' or 'takak' or 'atak' or 'katak?' Hehehe.

So now abah 1, ibu 0. Abah win.
We are still working on IBU and of course on his name (even own name cannot sebut meh??) haha.

I am not sure which word comes first, ABAH or NAK.
But its like 100 times a day Nuh sebut NAK. Itu nak, ini nak. Semua nakkk. Huu.

Buat hero ibu yang sorang ni (so farrr), semoga membesar dengan baik di hadapan mata ibu dan abah. Love you..

May 29, 2017

After a loooong silence ...

... i am back!


Haven’t blogged for almost 5 months and that’s the longest period ever! haha.
Apa yang terlepas ehh? Oh okay..

Wafa already big girl now. 3 years already on last March. Or to be exact 03/03/2017. Me started busy with my real job in office dalam bulan 12 aritu and dragged till now (ok tipuuu). Dah free dah hari tu tapi sindrom malas muncul. Biasalah, dah lama tak perah otak, tak spread ideas memang berat aje lah jejari ni nak menaip. Just today i can find a minute to blog. Curi-curi masa kejap. No big deal meh. Lets throwback. Hee.

Cantik kan kek tu?
Boleh tengok ig: reedowen_bijul with more designs.

Ignore the boring faces -____- 
Ignore rambut Wafa yang serabai -____-

Jan 9, 2017


Hi gaisss ..

Keep calm, i am the birthday girl!

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