Jul 7, 2017

Abu, Abu

Hi all,
SALAM SYAWAL everyone!
How was your Raya? 
Hopefully having the best one you've ever experienced.

Okay, referring to the subject above ...hehe. 

Nuh said ibu for the first time in his life! And i heard him for the first time in my life!
Ahhhh ... floating away. Soooo beautiful to hear. 

Ok well, not totally IBU. But more to 'abu'   -____- 

Whatevaaaaa la Nuh. I know you have worked hard on it. 
Practice makes perfect, son. Go Nuh.

Anyway, it happened on this recent Raya holiday. I was praying when Nuh said 'abu..abu' while patting my shoulder. I am on my Tahiyat Awal and losing my focus! Bahahaha. Mannn..i am praying son. Don't disturb me. Continue solat till the end. No doa after solat dan terus peluk Nuh. Rasa nak menangis. Terharu. And i thank Allah for this. For making me a mother. For creating that such sweet moment.

That day was a beautiful day. 


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