Oct 25, 2016

Cake for him

...continuation from the previous post :)

Just a simple cake for birthday boy.
Love the macaroon's touch. Cute. Aren't they? 

orang lain punya birthday, orang lain yang excited potong.

Oct 21, 2016

Nuh turns 1


Nuh is 1 year old today!
Exactly a year ago, i was giving birth to Nuh. Cesarean. Soooo nervous though i have been through this experience before. Yess, the first one pun cesarean. Well, some said lain anak, lain pengalamannya. 

So, a week before the delivery, aku dan hubby sibuk duk pilih tarikh yang sesuai untuk proses cesarean ni. We decided to go for 20/10/2015 which is yesterday's date - our anniversary's date. Doctor said ok. 5 minutes later, he said not ok. *sigh* He said he had a convention or whateva (i forgot). He suggested to us to proceed the cesarean on the same day he arrived KL.

Oh, thank you doc. I takmau you belah perut i dalam keadaan doc yang masih penat. Takot part lain pulak yang dibedah. hehhh. Proceed 21hb. 

Happy birthday, our little star.

Oct 20, 2016

9th wedding anniversary

Happy 9th Anniversary, hubby!

He's not in semenanjung anyway. Sobbsss ...
While he committed with his work to be done, i am ALONE here celebrating our anniversary. Ok, tipu je part ALONE tu.

My parents are here with me. Plus my 2 precious love.

Thank you Allah for all your blessing and granted us with 2 wonderful kids.

Its another year to strengthen a marriage that defines forever, bebeh!

Oct 18, 2016

Berkhatan at 2 months

Nuh had his 'khatan' as early as 2 months old. Well, to be exact 2 months and 9 days. Right after my confinement.

After googling, i got this - khatan ialah memotong lebihan kulit di bahagian alat sulit bagi wanita mahupun lelaki (kulup). Kulup?? Hehehee. Tak mau goggle.

Btw, I was realllyyyyy nervous for Nuh. Still remembered that night. Satu malam yang syahdu dan sendu. Huhuhh. I am not really a person who hates needles or injection or kinda stuff. But i would be crazyyyy freak out to see people been injected, jabbed, pricked or whuteva you called them, especially babies. 


'emaknya keluar ye. ayah saja yang tinggal dalam ni' 

I was like ... ehh?? kene kene keluar ke? Better kot sebab tak mau mak-mak ni sedih hati tengok anak dikhatan. That's why moms are not allowed. Kot-kot ada drama air mata. The scream of babies would break our sensitive heart into small pieces. Sobssss. So, i just sat down outside the room and keep watching Wafa run here and there, jump here and there, talking to nurse and pakcik makcik there, such a mak nenek girl laa dia ni. Oh haa..even sharing bench with a cute lil boy who are preoccupied with his dad's tab. Siap cuit-cuit the boy nak main game sesama. Errr... 

Suddenly, i heard a loud scream! I felt gory. I just knew that's my son in there. Wailing to be calmed. Uh-uh. Rasa nak nangis masa tu. After a while, Nuh and hubby came out of the room and wal-lahhhhh, big boy already. Dah khatan. Yeay! Alhamdulillah.

Doctor's advice,

Parents, do not hesitate to khatan your children as early as i did (or earlierrr ..) Early khatan is very recommended. Some said day 7 is the best. Its to minimize the pain. But urrmmmm rasa tak sanggup pula nak hadap baby dikhatan seawal itu. huu. Anyway, there is no such specific age to khatan them. Lagi awal, lagi bagus. Why?

First, babies will only take few days to recover compared to toddlers yang lasak and need extra care. Rite?
Second, babies belum pandai dan mintak makan macam-macam, so no need to worry untuk berpantang.

Anyhow, for a boy who is turning 1 year old this Friday (yihaaa!), his 'kulup' looks fine and healthy. Hehe. 


Oct 13, 2016

Good bye cik theethie

I don't exactly remember when the last time i see the dentist for cabut gigi. But as far as i can figure out, since high school kot. My high school started 1994. Well, i'm doing some math calculation here. 

2016-1994, equals to 22.
22 years bebeh. 22 years (or more) since i did not go to any dental clinic. Yea..lebih kurang lah kot. 

ehem..hey you, yes youuu...did you calculate my age huh? haha!

So, last night i loss my gigi bongsu. 
I enter doc's room, lay down on not-so-much-comfort dental chair. Close my eyes as the light of dental lamp goes straight into them. The truth, i am scared!!

Ok, saya bius dulu. Lepas tu tunggu luar.

In 20 minutes, the nurse call me back into doc's room. Lay down - clasp my hand - think something nice. Nice. Nice. Nice. Seriously people! I am damnnnnn freaking out!

In 5 minutes, its done. Waaahh .. kejap je. But, I had a strange feeling and I will ask doc later lah.

When it came to make a payment, I was a bit shocked. No, no, no, its not about the charges. But the nurse told me that doc had to pull out 2 teethes. Aaaarrr two? Ok, I didn't expect that coming. And that was the strange feeling i told you earlier. Terasa macam doctor merodok mulut sebanyak 2 kali. Merodok eh?? So, I loss my gigi bongsu and her bff lah. I don't even care what was the reason why doctor did that. Better be a good reason, doc. Hehe.

Just hope not to see you anytime soon, doc. 
Be nice, teeth :)

Oct 6, 2016

Tv ads

I can guarantee every children on earth has their own favorite tv ads. Kaannn? Kann?

So did Nuh. He will sit properly and stood still as his favorite ads is on tv. 
It's like a mysterious voice suddenly pop-up into his head and said NOW SHOWING!! STOP FOR WHATEVERRRR YOU ARE DOING AND WATCH!

He even stop playing and stop crying just for this ads. Wondering WHY on earth dalam banyak-banyak iklan, this one would put a smiley-lovey-dovey icon on his face. 

*love to see him freeze like he doesn't care about me what happens to this world*


Anyway, he enjoys this ads so so so much.

Yerrppp, TRIVAGO.

Hosted by this gorgeous lady.


Hi Dahlia.
My son adores you.

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