Oct 21, 2016

Nuh turns 1


Nuh is 1 year old today!
Exactly a year ago, i was giving birth to Nuh. Cesarean. Soooo nervous though i have been through this experience before. Yess, the first one pun cesarean. Well, some said lain anak, lain pengalamannya. 

So, a week before the delivery, aku dan hubby sibuk duk pilih tarikh yang sesuai untuk proses cesarean ni. We decided to go for 20/10/2015 which is yesterday's date - our anniversary's date. Doctor said ok. 5 minutes later, he said not ok. *sigh* He said he had a convention or whateva (i forgot). He suggested to us to proceed the cesarean on the same day he arrived KL.

Oh, thank you doc. I takmau you belah perut i dalam keadaan doc yang masih penat. Takot part lain pulak yang dibedah. hehhh. Proceed 21hb. 

Happy birthday, our little star.

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