Oct 13, 2016

Good bye cik theethie

I don't exactly remember when the last time i see the dentist for cabut gigi. But as far as i can figure out, since high school kot. My high school started 1994. Well, i'm doing some math calculation here. 

2016-1994, equals to 22.
22 years bebeh. 22 years (or more) since i did not go to any dental clinic. Yea..lebih kurang lah kot. 

ehem..hey you, yes youuu...did you calculate my age huh? haha!

So, last night i loss my gigi bongsu. 
I enter doc's room, lay down on not-so-much-comfort dental chair. Close my eyes as the light of dental lamp goes straight into them. The truth, i am scared!!

Ok, saya bius dulu. Lepas tu tunggu luar.

In 20 minutes, the nurse call me back into doc's room. Lay down - clasp my hand - think something nice. Nice. Nice. Nice. Seriously people! I am damnnnnn freaking out!

In 5 minutes, its done. Waaahh .. kejap je. But, I had a strange feeling and I will ask doc later lah.

When it came to make a payment, I was a bit shocked. No, no, no, its not about the charges. But the nurse told me that doc had to pull out 2 teethes. Aaaarrr two? Ok, I didn't expect that coming. And that was the strange feeling i told you earlier. Terasa macam doctor merodok mulut sebanyak 2 kali. Merodok eh?? So, I loss my gigi bongsu and her bff lah. I don't even care what was the reason why doctor did that. Better be a good reason, doc. Hehe.

Just hope not to see you anytime soon, doc. 
Be nice, teeth :)

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  1. biasalah dh beranak.tu pn untunglar gigi x rosak time ngndung.


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