Oct 6, 2016

Tv ads

I can guarantee every children on earth has their own favorite tv ads. Kaannn? Kann?

So did Nuh. He will sit properly and stood still as his favorite ads is on tv. 
It's like a mysterious voice suddenly pop-up into his head and said NOW SHOWING!! STOP FOR WHATEVERRRR YOU ARE DOING AND WATCH!

He even stop playing and stop crying just for this ads. Wondering WHY on earth dalam banyak-banyak iklan, this one would put a smiley-lovey-dovey icon on his face. 

*love to see him freeze like he doesn't care about me what happens to this world*


Anyway, he enjoys this ads so so so much.

Yerrppp, TRIVAGO.

Hosted by this gorgeous lady.


Hi Dahlia.
My son adores you.

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