Sep 23, 2016

Nuh's first step

Nuh: heyyy...give back my vitagen!!

Wafa: whattt vitagen??

He turns 11 months 2 days ago and his first step was a day before! How sweet is thatttt!! Yey! Congrats son!! 

Btw, Nuh dah boleh berdiri on his own seminggu sebelum. Meaning, last week lah kan :) clap! clap! clap!!! Wafa, she had her first step when she was 12m. Yerp..ibu still remember that. I even had your video, girl.

At 11 months, Nuh loves to crawl at his favorite spot. Bawah meja makan.

Ape lagi akal dia eh. Haa ..panjat tangga yang curam itu (tah bila nak letak penghadang), chewing on my phone, trying to pick and eat the leftovers over the floor, doing some food fight with his beloved sister, crying loud whenever he didn't see me around. Well, I do have the playpen but he hates it. He would cry as i put him in. *sigh*

Oh guys know whattt ..he has lesung pipit on both cheeks! BOTH CHEEKS. 

Ke mana tumpahnya kuah kalau tidak ke nasi. 

Tapi aku tak tau lah kuah tu referring to whom sebab aku dan hubby takde lesung pipit. But my sister does! Hehe..ada jugak nurunnya =) 

Keep walking, Nuh. 
Ibu and abah will always be with you whenever you almost fell down and grab you and kisssssss you and huggggg youuuu ... 

KIDS, we love youuuu ... more than you ever know. Sobssss.

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