Sep 15, 2016

Sixth sense?

Is it true - kids can see the unseen??

Take a deeeeeep breath. 

Here we go.
Semalam. Exactly malam tadi.

Wafa pointing to something. 

And in the same time she seems talking to 'someone' which of course i can't see it.

wafaangan acauuu (jangan kacauuu). angan laaaa (jangan laaaa)


me: siapa kacau wafa?

wafa: dia acauuu (pointing to it) errrkk..

me: siapa dia?

wafa: dia ni aaa (stilllll pointing) *me.look.up.well.nothing.there*

me: mana ada siapa-siapa. meh main ngan adik meh. Nuhh...ajak kakak main.

wafa: gi alikkk (pegi balik) 

ok nak lariiiii!!!! *nangissss*

'abanggggg..turun bawah. makan!' (even though we already had our dinner earlier)

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