Aug 30, 2017

Our first live event together

Before its too late, wish you all happy Independence day that will be celebrated tomorrow! Hip Hip Horreyy!

In conjunction with the ongoing Sea Games and today is the closing ceremony, me and husb bravely took our kids to the stadium recently to witness with our own eyes for the 100m event men and women. 

Moments of Victory
Tahniah Hafiz!
Crowned as the king of the sprint in KL Sea Games 2017. 

This was Wafa's and Nuh's first ever experience at the stadium. At first, they were very behave. Ibu pun tenang dan sukaaa :) They being quiet and looking around curiously. Trying to adapt the situation around the stadium somehow. 

Pheww, until the end of the event they are very calm and together give their support. Naahhh, just a slightly uncomfortable moments when they are hungry or need their susu. And the situation is under control again. They applaud especially Nuh. This little one do not know anything but give the most lively applause. As the last event ends, they started being anxious, getting restless and difficult to handle anymore. Jom balik.

This always happens when you bring your children  to the stadium. Or just me??
Acara panjat tangga campuran 50m.
The one in peach got gold. That little boy of course silver.
Ibu bangga.
We made it guys..!!

It was an awesome family quality time together!

Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Adha to all Muslim around the world.

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