Jun 20, 2017

Nuh's first haircut


First thing that appears in my mind - Nuh will cry and scream once the hairdresser touch his hair! 

But uhhh?! Such a very good boy i tell you. So calm. So senyap. Senyap sebab takot bunyi mesin potong rambut tu. Bahahaha. But who cares! As long he sits properly and silently. Senang kerja ibu, nak. Ibu bangga sama kamu. Haha. Tak percaya?

See??? Behave bukan?
Good job, son!

I am so so so relieved that Nuh simplifies the hairdresser's work. No crying. No head shaking. No screaminggggg. Actually, the moment we walk in, I told my hubby to turn on upin ipin or pororo or any cartoon to neglect him. But wallah! Turns out that he did not need any of that!
Watery eyes moment. Ngeeee!
Aku panic time ni, dah macam nak meraung. Bergenang air mata.
But Alhamdulillah..he made it again. Phew!

Zzzzzzz moment. Bahahahaha.
Manyakk syiokk kene usik kepala, sampai tertido. 

sebelum & selepas.
Spot any different? Hehe.

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