Jun 2, 2017

Weekend getaway - Janda Baik

It is soooo nice to spent some quality time with family - far far far away from the busy KL. Janda Baik (Pahang) is one of the wanted place i wanna go. Haha. Nama je orang Pahang tapi Janda Baik pun belum pernah jejak. Well well well, turns out that it is an interesting and appealing yet attractive place to spend time with your family (for those who love the super cool river of course). Yang berniat untuk membawa diri di sini pun sesuai. Ok kidding. 
So a week before Puasa, we had this Family Gathering of Haji Noh's. Yes, Noh is my late grandfather's name from my mother's side. And Nuh is named after him. May you are in peace, atuk. All my uncles, unties and cousins were gather here in Janda Baik. 

Fast forward, here are some pictures.

hai..menung apa tu?

uppps sorry. tak bermaksud nak expose. hehehe.
Dah insert pic, baru perasan. Malas dah nak crop. Anyway, this is my latest edition. Phone lama dah corrupt. Innalillah. 
This one mehh...berrryyy gooood. Gunalah vivo.

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